Designer Day™ Masterclass

Day rate services are in high demand – in fact, I book at least 4-6 of these every month and my clients love them. I customize every Designer Day for each client . . . and I get a lot of questions from other designers on how exactly I make that happen. 

In this 2 hour masterclass, I’ll walk you through the process that has made this my most sought after service. So whether you’re brand new to the idea of a day rate model, or interested in streamlining your current client process – this masterclass is for you.

Topics we’ll cover:

Overcoming consult objections

Onboarding deep dive

Strategy call deep dive

Step-by-by step case study of a real, recent website project

Ongoing maintenance requests
Where to find clients
Testing your process
Tips to raise profit margin

Tips to work more efficiently

Biggest mistakes to avoid


Hey, I'm Georgia Kaye!

Designer, Strategist, Marketing Pro

I went full-time in my business right before the pandemic hit – the economy changed instantly, and as a result, I had to quickly pivot my services. I decided to test out a day rate service, where someone could hire me exclusively for a full day to knock out their design needs.

Although my first project was a bit of a mess, the concept itself was a hit – especially for the crowds of new entrepreneurs that were looking to quickly bring their businesses to life! So I kept honing my processes, implementing client feedback, and building my experience.

Now, I book 4-6 of my Designer Days a month (most of which are from referrals and repeat clients). This service has upleveled my business, and allowed me to work with clients I love, and on projects I’m truly excited about.

My goal with this masterclass is to help you skip over the obstacles I faced, and start implementing the exact framework that keeps my calendar booked, and my clients coming back for more.

Clients love my Designer Days because...

Are you ready to start booking day rate clients?


While there will be a heavy focus on web design, all content will still be relevant and highly beneficial for brand designers, graphic designers and anyone looking to set up/streamline their day rate process. 


There will be no refunds given - if you're not sure if this Masterclass is for you, feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions!

No - this is a one time payment of $97. You will receive an email immediately after purchase with a link to the masterclass replay, and a custom password to access it.

This masterclass was originally hosted live via Zoom. You will receive a link to the full replay upon purchase.



This masterclass is approximately 2 hours long.

Georgia Kaye Branding Session 2021