the designer day masterclass

Ready to start booking VIP Days with your design clients? 

In just 2 hours, you’ll learn my exact, tried-and-true framework process that can help you book 4-6 day rate clients A MONTH in your design business.


What if you could say BUH BYE to...

Design projects that drag on forever and a day

Remember when they were supposed to be off your calendar 2 months ago, but they just booked ANOTHER call? Yeahhh no more.

Delayed feedback, wasted time, and more work

Because YOU KNOW when you deviate from your process (if you even have one…) and let clients run wild over your expertise – it always bites you in the booty.

The project scope that Just keeps on creeping

Leaving you straight up burnt out, lowkey bitter, and peeved you didn’t get more money when you know you’re worth it.

Can we skip to the good part?

Imagine a VIP Day service structure that allows you to:

Jumpstart your own VIP Day process

Skip the obstacles, traps, and normal issues that come with trial and error just like these designers have.

hey, i’m georgia kaye

I've knocked out 80+ VIP Days, and over half of my clients are repeats or referrals (sustainable biz model, anyone?).

When I was first working with design clients, I experienced all of the super fun #designerprobs – scope creep, delayed feedback, clunky processes, wonky service packages – you name it.

And when the economy changed (right after I went full-time in my biz in March 2020…iykyk) that was just another fun lil nugget of stress on top of it all.

Although my first VIP Day was a bit of a mess, the concept itself was a BIG HIT, especially for the crowds of new entrepreneurs that were looking to quickly bring their businesses to life!

The Designer Day Masterclass is for you if:

You want to launch your day rate offer, but skip over the obstacles (like using your clients as guinea pigs while you figure out your process – yikes).

You’d like a better work/life balance while still making bank. Did I mention my income 3x’d once I started using this framework?

You’re ready to stop putting weeks/months into one project and stifling your creativity, and instead feel energized with quicker project turnarounds and instant results.

You don’t vibe with sleazy sales tactics – charging thousands of dollars a day but NOT guaranteeing deliverables for your clients? Hard pass. 

You want to offer more than just template customizations, and stand out with a process that can support custom work. 

You really, truly give AF about your clients and want to build a sustainable, referral-worthy VIP Day service.

Look, I won’t lie to you. There is work that goes into pivoting your services – but a repeatable, proven strategy makes it a lot smoother for you + your clients.

launch your vip day asap, like hillary did:

"Not only was the Designer Day Masterclass worth the money, I made the money back 5x within 2 weeks."

After watching your masterclass on how your Designer Days work, I was able to immediately set up the top of my sales funnel for the VIP service that had been noodling around in my noggin for so long. 

You were so concise and straightforward, I was able to craft my offer’s process around my market’s needs based on your lessons learned.

I immediately launched the concept on IG and a simple landing page with the sign up form. Within a week on Instagram, I had my first lead that resulted in two projects, including a VIP half day.

The fact that you connected with me and offered me even further advice and encouragement was so valuable to me. It meant a lot to me that you cheered me on and networked with me!

~ Hillary L.

learn from a legit VIP Day expert, like KP did:

"I've taken courses from those who actively work in the industry and those who seem to have only pivoted to education..."

…and the ones that are still working had such better advice and content.

They’d always provide updates on what’s changing and share new things they’ve found work better due to their projects with clients.

~ KP

PSA: You and your clients deserve a VIP experience!

When I first dipped my toes into the world of day rates, I was in major throwing-spaghetti-at-the-wall mode. I had no clue what a VIP experience really meant, I was overwhelmed, and I had zero resources to help me figure it all out.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way for you! Because I’m breaking down each step of my VIP Day process in this masterclass, including topics like:


Are you ready to skip the trial and error, and start booking VIP Days asap with your design clients?

Popular Masterclass FAQs

While there will be a heavy focus on web design, all content will still be relevant and highly beneficial for brand designers, graphic designers, etc.

This masterclass is approximately 2 hours long and was originally hosted live via Zoom. You will receive a link to the full replay upon purchase.

You'll have access to the masterclass for the life of the product (and if for some reason I ever decide to retire it, you'll get advance notice!).

Most day rate education for designers is focused entirely on designers, with little to no regard for the client experience. They preach NOT guaranteeing deliverables and immediately charging thousands of dollars a day regardless of experience level. These are not ethical or sustainable ways of providing a VIP experience for clients.

In this masterclass, you'll learn my tried-and-true process that will allow you to guarantee VIP Day deliverables for your clients - even for fully custom design work (aka not just customizing templates). You'll also learn actionable tips for testing your process and maximizing revenue without taking advantage of your clients. This is a perfect for the designer who truly cares about the brands they work with, and who wants to build a VIP Day experience that leads to consistent repeat/referral clients!

No - this is a one time payment of $197. You will receive an email immediately after purchase with a link to the masterclass replay.

Due to the digital nature of this product, all refunds are on a case-by-basis. Please email me at if you are unhappy with your purchase, so I can help you out. 

still have questions? just dm me on instagram!

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