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Same Skin is a digital storytelling platform of course changers & cycle breakers who are here to broaden society’s views of the life a woman can create when she goes against the grain. The site also features curated WOC brands to shop.

the details

While Same Skin started as an idea to share diverse stories through Instagram, Michelle wanted to grow her brand beyond just one social platform. We worked together to create a website that held the stories she had gathered so far, but would also highlight Women of Color (WOC) brands for visitors to shop, and provide a space to learn more about Michelle and her story. 

The website displays three featured stories on the homepage, along with a gorgeous category bar outlining different types of stories shared on the platform. The site also includes a page to highlight Women of Color brands, with each shop page providing info about the brand, shoppable product images, and social media links.

A big priority for this site was creating a seamless experience for the Same Skin team to gather stories, organize the content, and also create a library archive of submissions that the social team can also utilize. When a visitor submits their story, Michelle (Same Skin founder) receives an email response with the submission details, with answers saving to a Google Sheets document via Zapier.

Michelle can also easily update the website with new content on a daily basis. The backend of the site features templated “story” and “WOC shop” pages – she just has to add copy and images, and then the site will automatically reformat her content and also update the homepage with the latest stories and WOC brands.

The gorgeous branding for Same Skin was created by the MKW Creative Co. team.

Click the play button below for a brief screenshare of the website (please note: there is no audio)

additional project photos
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the results

"Working with Georgia to build my website was a DREAM. The task seemed daunting and I wanted to create something that was aesthetically pleasing + effective and she delivered on all!!!"

She was patient (with my 101 edits), helpful (cue in all the voice notes) and so goddamn TALENTED. I couldn’t be more grateful and recommend her to everyone I know. I look forward to working together in the future!!! Seriously, if you want a website in record time LOOK NO FURTHER.

Michelle Desouza, Same Skin


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