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Intro to VIP Days for Designers

Are you a brand, website or graphic designer interested in adding a day rate service model to your business?

In this 30 minute webinar you’ll learn what to expect with a VIP Day service, how to get started, and my top tips for running an efficient, successful day rate.

Jumpstart your own VIP Day process

Skip the obstacles, traps, and normal issues that come with trial and error just like these designers have.

hey, i’m georgia kaye

I've knocked out 80+ VIP Days, and over half of my clients are repeats or referrals (sustainable biz model, anyone?).

When I was first working with design clients, I experienced all of the super fun #designerprobs – scope creep, delayed feedback, clunky processes, wonky service packages – you name it.

I felt burnt out, stifled creatively and was disappointed in myself for working ALL OF THE HOURS buuuut having a bank account that didn’t always reflect my hustle. So, I pivoted.

VIP Days have booked out my calendar, boosted my creativity, and 3x’d my income.

No more delayed deadlines. No more scope creep. No more never-ending feedback. Yes, it is possible to run your design business with less stress!

Let me show you how. 

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need something asap?

My Designer Day is all you need for a new sales page, small scale website, marketing collateral or even a mini brand identity.


marketing st louis