Hey, I'm Georgia Kaye!

I’m a St. Louis-based WordPress and Showit web designer, with 100+ day rate websites to my name in just the past two years alone.


Unlike your average web designer, my background is rooted in content strategy.

I was a serial intern in college, ending up with five (!!) internships under my belt. One of them turned into a freelance journalist position and shortly after, I also started freelancing  for a local property firm. You could say I like to stay busy!

After graduating, I spent over half a decade in corporate America, specializing in content strategy and copywriting roles for various industries, including real estate, automotive, construction technology and finance. And of course, I was still freelancing the entire time.

Eventually working 60+ hours each week caught up to me, and I started feeling majorly burned out. So, I decided to throw myself into my business full-time!

I turned in my two weeks in March of 2020. Yep, right before COVID shut the world down.

Cue a mini panic attack…did I seriously just give up my cushy healthcare benefits?! Thankfully, I had a solid roster of clients and had booked out several months in advance to prepare – and not a single one cancelled their services.

It was an honor to have business owners trust me to help grow their businesses despite the uncertain state of the world. This also led me to the creation of a new service: Designer Days.

Since so many people were leaving their jobs and venturing into entrepreneurism for more stability, I knew I had to offer something to help them get their business idea up and running quickly, so they could start bringing in the cash.

What if I could build them a brand new website in just a day? Well, it turns out I absolutely can! Business owners love the 1:1 exclusive attention to their brand, limited time commitment on their end, and fast results. My day rates became a hit, and still are to this day – they’re my number one service!

Since then, I've worked with 100+ clients across nearly every industry, from realtors and marketing agencies to wedding professionals and even online educators.

Ultimately, I’m not just here to design something “pretty” for you. I’m here to bring you tangible results, and help your business grow.

I make this happen by approaching all of my projects from a strategy-first perspective. I want to know what your brand is all about, what you do, who you help, and what makes you different.

I’ll take the time to truly understand your goals and pain points, so that I can build you a website that converts and effortlessly attracts your ideal clientsand that you can easily update on your own without being locked into a never-ending, price-gouging maintenance plan.


When I'm not behind a computer screen, you can find me...

Juggling multiple home renovation projects with no end in sight

Defeating my boyfriend yet again at Ticket to Ride

Filling up my phone storage with pics of my four Pomeranians <3

Watching Real Housewives, Schitt’s Creek or Selling Sunset

Debating if eating Thai food for the 4th night in a row is an ~issue~


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